Feasting on organic honey

The bitter taste of hypocrisy

As I sat there supporting a petition to stop the approaching dog meat festival in China, whilst simultaneously chomping my way through a plate of juicy lamb dumplings, my tooth well and truly chipped (hypothetically speaking). It suddenly dawned on me; this…

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bee keeping

Sunday Snap : Bee keeping, China

Stumbling upon this honey bee farm in Dalian, Liaoning province was one of the most interesting experiences I have had. This chap had no fear, brushing away the bees with bare hands before placing the comb in a silver cylinder…

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Wanquanyu Great Wall camping (8)

Camping on the (wild) Great Wall of China

I’d heard it was possible to camp on the Great Wall, in fact, one of my friends had photographic proof of this possibility. But did I ever expect to hear the words “are you free this weekend to help guide…

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Plant in the sky

Mount Hua 华山 : Plank road in the Sky

When an opportunity arises to put your life in danger, by walking precariously along two planks of wood some 2000m above sea level, it’s impossible to say no. At least, it was for me, a few friends and some other 50…

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Sunday Snap : Xi’an Speciality

Chinese food is delicious, that’s a fact. When I recently visited the city of Xi’an, I quickly learnt that they are well known for their noodles. Below are the regions famous Spinach Noodles 菠菜面 freshly made in the window of…

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Longmen grottoes, Luoyang (19)

Longmen Grottoes 龙门石窟, Luoyang

Let me introduce to you the jaw-dropping sight of the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, situated in Henan province of central China. Once again I found myself discovering it accidentally thanks to my friend insisting on a trip to the Shaolin…

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Sunday Snap : Great Wall of China, in winter

As winter comes to a close in Beijing and many parts of the world, I thought I’d celebrate this view of the Great Wall during the first snowfall back in November 2015. This particular section is called Chenjiapu, Hebei province…

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Siem Reap Cambodia

Sunday Snap : Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, known also as ‘Temple City’ or ‘City of Temples’ is a true highlight of any trip to Cambodia. Found nearby to the town of Siem Reap, the beautiful Khmer architecture is a good example of a Buddhist temple which…

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On being an expat in China

I am often asked “What brought you to China?”, and my go to response is always “That’s a very good question”. The truth is, and I never thought I would say this; it was a job that brought me to…

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SE asia (4)

Sunday Snap : Halong Bay

The views of Halong Bay in Vietnam are just as impressive in real life, as they are in photographs. In fact, as you drift along slowly by boat, it’s hard to believe the strange rock protrusions are actually real and not just…

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Stranger Encounter

So a very unexpected encounter with a stranger (two actually), which I will call a stranger encounter, took place at my local park this week. In truth, it really should never have happened because I had envisioned spending my lunch at home,…

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