5 Star Hostels and the ‘Greatest Hostels of Europe’

Have you ever struggled to find a great hostel? We are Anna&Matt, and we are the guy and girl behind hostelgeeks.com, your solution to exactly this problem. We award 5 Star Hostels around the globe, based on transparent criteria. We pick one hostel per destination; this makes it incredibly handy for you to get the one awesome Hostel YOU need, when in town.


And before you start wondering: No, we are not just another booking platform. In fact, we do not offer any booking service, sorry! We are simply your shortcut to finding 5 Star Hostels around the world.

Along with the 5 Star Hostels, we are also keen to introduce you to our new eBook „Greatest Hostels of Europe“, a powerful and handy eBook to 75 fantastic Hostels across Europe including big discounts to staying in them!


Why 5 Star Hostels?

Other than for Hotels, Hostels do not have any objective rating system. There are no standards to follow, no fix criteria you can lean on as a traveler. This leaves an incredible hole which is usually filled with a lot of marketing effort. And here is the thing: We, Anna&Matt, DISLIKE marketing!


The people behind Hostelgeeks; Anna&Matt


The 5 Star Hostel Criteria

All 5 Star Hostels fit the transparent criteria, developed by Hostelgeeks. The criteria are as follows:


  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable:

A 5 Star Hostel is always locally managed, supporting the local economy. This is part of the responsible tourism we support actively. Also, 5 Star Hostels go the extra mile to be eco-friendly. The standard, however, depends on their own country. Check out  Lollis Homestay in Dresden and have a look at their up-cycled furniture – you’ll never want to buy new again!


  1. Superb Design

We love it when the hostel is a reflection of the local design scene. This can be some handmade design in Cluj, or some hipster-styled loft in Berlin. Talking about Berlin, WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL is the perfect example here to give you an idea of a stunning and authentic Design Hostel.


  1. Unique

A 5 Star Hostel is unique! Roof top terrace, special tours, maybe a swimming pool? We have a look into the uniqueness of the hostel.

The 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon is called „Sunset Destination Hostel“. Why? From their roof top terrace you can enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the bridge. And we almost forgot: They also have a swimming pool on their roof top terrace!


  1. Social Vibe

The social character of a hostel is important for a good hostel experience. Is it easy to connect, to mingle with the other guests or maybe locals? We check out the events and the vibe of the place.

Have a look at Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse, the 5 Star Hostel in Hobart Tasmania. They planned so many events when opening the hostel. The result? No arranged events needed, as everything here happens dynamically. Guests meet, make plans, socialize. And then, you find yourself sitting at the terrace, having a BBQ in their green garden.


  1. Great staff

Even the best designed hostel in the world, is soulless without a passionate team. This is why we take the staff into account as well. When a Hostel receives the 5 Star Hostel award, you can be sure: you are welcomed here with a big smile!

Every single 5 Star Hostel ticks all the boxes. This combination leads to a high-level hostel, far beyond the questions about safety or cleanliness. This is obviously no issue with the 5 Star Hostels!


Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin
Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse, Tasmania


No 5 Star Hostel in every city, therefore the eBook

Naturally, not every city has a 5 Star Hostel. But as we all love to travel, we all want to stay at a cool hostel. And there should be a way to find all those cool hostels without all this marketing-speech on top of it. Quick and easy!

This is why we came up with the eBook for the greatest Hostels of Europe. We collected 75 fantastic Hostels, and put them together in a a handy eBook.

We introduce you to the hostel in a quick and easy way. WHY it is your place to stay and WHERE it is located. On top of that, we thought about a little extra…


Discounts to Hostels

We included discounts for each Hostel! We will show you the cheapest and smartest way to book the hostels PLUS you will get between 5% and 10% discounts. You can save more than 200€ on discounts with the eBook „Greatest Hostels of Europe“!

Quick example: In Barcelona you can get a 5% discount while you can save 10% in Palmers Lodge Hostels, the 5 Star Hostels in London.


The perfect Backpacker gift

This makes our new eBook the perfect gift for every traveler backpacking Europe during 2016! Simple and quick; you will find the one safe, clean and cool hostel in town.


Summary 5 Star Hostel and eBook

Life is too short to stay at bad hostels. And we all work way too hard to waste money on them. For the same money, you can stay at a 5 Star Hostel or the greatest Hostels of Europe. We are not a booking service, neither are we marketeers. We are Anna&Matt, and we introduce you to the world’s greatest Hostels – transparent and authentic!


Sleep well,


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