Why Adventure is Key to Travel

Adventure, whether that be climbing a mountain or getting on a plane for the first time, jumping off a cliff or diving right into a complete culture shock. Travel without adventure, without pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is to only scratch the surface of the amazing and diverse world out there.


Change of mind-set

Having a true adventure can really changes your mindset, it can allow you to see the world around you differently. Doing new things, placing yourself into a position in which you have to use your strength, reasoning or instincts in a way you never have before can be liberating. Travelling solo for example really shows you just how much you can rely on yourself.

Out of your comfort zone

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone they say and nothing can be truer. Travel should be the sort of adventure that really challenges you, and when it does you will gain the greatest and most memorable experiences of your life. Speaking to people of different faiths, travelling to the other side of the world on your own, setting off with only a backpack and a dream or tackling a high and exposed hike. The scariest moments are the ones which give us back the most.


Canyoning in Switzerland
White water rafting, Switzerland


Experience the world from another perspective

When you seek out adventure within your travels you learn to appreciate the world from a new perspective. One of heightened emotions, where your senses are tingling, the sky seems that much bluer and the grass the most vibrant green you have ever seen. Flying above the clouds, diving deep below the waves, sharing a meal with a local family or joining in with a local tradition all allows you to gain a new perspective.

More understanding

Letting your guard down and embracing new cultures or becoming one with nature through your adventures breeds within us a better understanding of the world around us. That might manifest itself in breaking down misconceptions and realising many of the countries you feared really aren’t that scary. Or appreciating the beauty, power and fragility of the planet, being more environmentally responsible and aware of the world beyond the concrete jungle.

Take life less seriously

When you truly embrace adventure despite being scared from time to time you begin to take life that much less seriously and realise that it is all about enjoying these crazy moments! Bills, mortgages and offices fade into insignificance when you realise just how much more there is to life waiting out there for you!




Be at one with our mortality

In all seriousness having crazy adventures whilst travelling will make you scarily aware of your own mortality. Hanging off cliffs, jumping out of planes or crossing armed borders and witnessing war torn nations will make you so much more aware of how fragile life is. But it is often when we realise just how fast life goes by or just how easy it is to be taken away that we realise just how much we have to go for it and live ours own to the max. It is the extremes in life that make us truly alive rather than sticking to the mediocre safety of what we know!



A huge thank you to Nic and Paul from The Roaming Renegades for their inspiring guest post.


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