Alone in a bivvy

I cannot stand carrying around anything for a long period of time, only to realise it has not been used. During my last week in Iceland, I was reminded whilst unpacking for another night of camping that my newly purchased Bivvy bag had so far gone unloved.
It was time to render this.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I had been putting it off somewhat. Somehow being in a tent created a pseudo sense of safety and when I was inside my mind was as peaceful as it would be behind locked doors. But the thought of sleeping in nothing but a bag – a bright blue one at that – filled me with an unfamiliar worry.

Reminding myself that I was currently solo cycling around Iceland was like slapping myself around the face; of course I was capable of resting my bonce out under the stars for one night!

With absolutely no wind and the calming sound of birds, I soon fell asleep all toasty warm (at times almost too warm). It was around 3am when the rain came and I did what I do best and buried my head and pretended it wasn’t happening. This continued for 2 hours.

Yes I woke up damp, yes all of my belongings were wet and yes I had a very disturbed sleep, but so what? Once I accepted the rain wouldn’t kill me I enjoyed the fine drops on my face as I stared up at the towering trees.
And the perk of saving time on packing up a tent meant I was in the next town in time for freshly baked croissants for breakfast.



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