Budget Travel Tips for Newbies

There are so many travel tips that can save you money if you’re venturing around the world. The obvious formula to follow is either get in touch with experienced travelers or follow some of the highly recommended blogs that litter the internet.


I’ve posted some budget travel tips before on Blue Eyed View, including how to work for a short time, while maximizing travel as well how to travel light. All of these pointers come from experience, which seems the best educational tool for travelers, whether it’s from learning the hard way or just by thorough research.

So for newbie travelers, what are the immediate budget travel tips that everyone should be aware of when setting off around the world?


Check your visa status for various countries

Not everyone is eligible to enter another freely without obtaining a visa first. Countries like England for instance or America, their citizens can virtually travel anywhere without having to obtain specific visas for certain countries. However, in Asian or African countries, people will have to look at whether they need to apply beforehand. If you’re unsure of whether you need a visa to go to a certain country, check this guide out by Budget Your Trip.


Consider alternative accommodation options

Exploring the different accommodation options available to travelers nowadays is exciting. Couchsurfing has changed the landscape of traveling and made it affordable for everyone. And Airbnb has revolutionized the way the consumer looks for affordable travel away from the usual hotel options. If you do thorough research in this area you can save yourself a lot of money.


Choose destinations you want to visit

This may sound a little trivial, but if you are planning a round the world trip, you need to concentrate on places you actually want to visit. If you don’t, you run the risk of wasting money. For efficient travel, visit the places that have always been on your bucket list, and the likelihood is you won’t be disappointed.


Save some budget for a hire car

Putting a little aside to rent a hire car is a great idea, as it will allows you to explore places away from the usual tourist hotspots. If you arrive at an airport you can pre-book a vehicle for a couple of days and pick it up from the terminal you arrive at. The best part is at most European airports, when you finish your journey and return to the airport you can meet a valet chauffeur at the departure terminal who will collect the hire car directly from you as part of their self-park services. This form of travel has become popular over the last 5 years because of how efficient it is as well as relatively cost-effective, even for budget travelers.


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