Charlie the Bike

Meet Charlie
He has a pretty cool story to tell.

It all started with this super adventurer named Tom Allen who decided to show everybody that is is possible to do cool adventures for absolutely no money whatsoever. To prove it, he cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats with a bike (above) and gear costing him no more than £25.17.  That was his start up cost; the actual 20 day adventure cost him nothing. The full story of that can be found here.

Tom, having successfully completed his mission, then decided to set up a competition named
Coolest adventure plan gets a free touring bike and gear!

Which then brings me to Tegan.
(Tom must have had a ridiculous amount of entries for this from his followers – not only was he giving away a free bike plus gear, but he himself had ridden it across Britain and if anyone knows just how damn awesome this man is, they would strive to share a saddle with him.
I urge you to read/watch Janapar if you are currently shrugging your shoulders at my last statement).
Tegan stood out from the crowd with her genius cartoon illustrated YouTube entry which was both hilarious and moving… unfortunately WordPress won’t let me inbed the video so you can (and you really should) watch it HERE !

In short then: Tegan collected Charlie from Bristol and cycled him through France and down to Spain to see her sister. Along the way she kept a successively brilliant cartoon blog about her experience and proved that any bike-touring novice can do it. Her full Spanish story will soon become secondary as she has now set off on her new bicycle named Axel around South Africa with her family for one year ! Amazing. To give you more of an insight to her brilliance, here is one of the ‘amusings’ she created:


Fast forward one year and Charlie is being handed over to a me…. ME. It’s one of those things you dream about but never prepare for as a reality. If you haven’t yet read of my plans for Charlie you can do so here. You can also read my somewhat funny (and slightly scary) mini adventure of collecting Charlie from Spain here.

It goes without saying that I am incredibly excited to be a part of this story and to continue the amazing adventures of Charlie the scrapyard touring bike.


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