Food adventure in China : What Chinese food should you try first?

Even though China is popular for its tourist spots (who could forget The Great Wall of China), travellers are fond of visiting the country for its authentic and delicious food that cannot be copied by other restaurants abroad. One’s vacation is never complete without experiencing the best food offered in the said destination. In fact, 88.2% of people worldwide believe that trying the local delicacies is a must for every traveller in order to have a complete travel experience. But, China has plenty of food to offer, making it almost impossible to choose which one to try first. Here is a guide for food travellers when exploring Chinese food in China:

Pork Dumpling

Filled with flavour in every bit, the pork dumpling or ‘xiao long bao’ is one of the most delicious dumpling one can find in China. It is often part of a soup that is now part of Shanghai’s more ingenious export. A travel resource include it in the list of foods worth travelling for in the country. This steamed bun from Jiangnan region is filled with juicy and spiced pork that travellers said “explode in your mouth with heat and flavour.” Whilst it’s originally from Jiagnan, it can also be found in Shanghai and many tourist sites in China.

Peking roast duck

Wherever you go in China, you will see roasted duck or ‘Beijing kaoya’ along with roasted chicken and pork hanged in the entrance of the restaurants. Peking roast duck is a must-try in China, as it’s known for its tempting crispy skin, shiny colour, and tender meat. The meat of the duck is very far from that of the chicken. It is close to the texture of pork, with a distinct taste made of the spices that was seasoned to the duck prior to roasting. Peking roast duck is commonly eaten together with pancakes, a sweet bean sauce, spring onion, and cucumber.

Chinese Sausage

These sausages are very far from what you’ve tasted in the west. It is called ‘guan chang’ in China and it varies from sweet , crispy to spicy and salty. The Chinese sausage is widely sold at markets, temple fairs, and night markets/fairs, and considered as one of the must-try street snacks in China. It is made of cleaned pork intestines filled with a paste made from red yeast rice powder, Chinese sauce, and mixed flour. Make sure to bring one with you back home, and let your family and friends taste its authentic taste.

Sugarcoated Haws

Called ‘tanghulu’ in China, the sugarcoated haws have gone a long way in the country’s history. It was one of the popular snacks during the Qing Dynasty in 1644 to 1911, and now, the most loved children snack that can be bought in public. It is a stick of sugar-covered hawthorn berries that is deep in a cameralized sauce, making it candied fruits. It’s similar to the idea of caramel apple found in other parts of the world. Temple fairs, opera theaters, and tea buildings offer this snack.

Instant boiled mutton

Hotpots are usual in Chinese restaurants, where the instant boiled mutton is one of the most delicious you can deep in that dish. It is called ‘Shuan Yangrou’ in China, which is a staple food in homes during cold winter weather during the Yuan Dynasty, but has become eaten year-round. The dish is served with mutton that came from the back, rear legs, and tail of the lamb. The hotpot comes with boiled soup, while the mutton is served with sesame sauce, leek flower, sliced onion, and preserved bean curd. Check out this list of the best hot pot restaurants in Beijing if you happen to visit there.


With the abovementioned list of Chinese food, we are certain your experience in China is complete and tummy-filling. Share your own experiences with us!

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