One way ticket to Espagne

There was only ever the intention of taking part in one season when I became a member of the Collett’s Mountain Holidays team. Yet I am now about to begin my third.
The summer of 2013 was an incredible insight to a completely new world – life in the mountains became a life of no worries; no bills to pay, no clock to watch and no dread of a Monday morning, in fact, an ignorance of date/time altogether. So much so that I developed a new addiction which ultimately led me to signing up for my first ski season the winter just gone (you can read more about that HERE).

And now I find myself sitting back where I was this time last year only then my thoughts went something like this; “Should I go to Italy for the summer? Perhaps I should continue trying to find something more grounded and long term in Cornwall”. Thankfully a good friend of mine challenged my thinking and plainly said to me “why not?”
Now, peering out of my window to the life I feel very disconnected from here in the UK, I can feel only but excitement for the next 5 months ahead of me. I started this job as a Walk Organiser and now they call me the Resort Diarist – majority of my time is spent doing the two things I love the most; taking photographs and writing. My work is published on the website and I get paid for this privilege.

My one way ticket to Spain will have me spend the first 3 weeks walking the mountains of Andalucía, where I have spent a mere two weeks to date. In my inbox I have a ticket to Santander waiting to be printed, a flight which will next drop me in an alien land and at this moment in time I have no idea how long I will stay, who I will be working with and what there is worth writing about – I can’t wait.
After that I will travel, by means of public transport, to the beautiful Spanish Pyrenees where I look forward to catching up with good friends from my two previous seasons. Before I leave Spain to head back to my home, the Italian Dolomites, I hope to have learnt sufficient Spanish courtesy of the Michel Thomas audio discs I have uploaded on to my IPod in preparation.
I’ve been asked to support our hut-to-hut self-guiders in the Dolomites this July and September, talking them through their routes and offering on-going support. As a keen log-distance walker myself I am eager to get started!
But before that all begins I’m off to a wedding in Bardi to do my first ever job as a wedding photographer… I feel I may be out of my depth with this one but the happy couple assure me they want an informal affair which suits me perfectly. After all, I aim to try everything once in this lifetime!

In August I will find myself in the heart of the Austrian Alps where I plan to play on the awesome Via Ferrata on offer (alongside working very hard of course) and expand my writing even further.
Come late September the season will have come to yet another close, and then what? With no return flight booked and no obligation to join the convoy’s two day drive home, the world is my oyster.

I strongly urge every one of you reading this to look at each opportunity that comes your way and question “why not?” – Who knows what doors it may open?

  1. This is incredible. That you thought about looking for something ‘more grounded’ before deciding to elope really points to the cynical idea implied in those words. To drop anchor and weigh yourself down with thoughts of security; of what is expected and somehow more realistic. Such a defeatist wager that says you should lower your sights to be safe, stay on the ground – but you waved it away and now stand atop of mountains, silhouetted against the sky. You have pursued your passions and have escaped the trappings of security and what is expected of you. And to write about your experience with photographs of such consistently awe-inspiring landscapes.. it’s as though you are sending your message down from the sky – ‘It’s all up here! It always has been!’. I am so happy for you Kelly. I will follow you avidly, working up the courage to one day cling to your coattail so you can pull me up from the ground.

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