Path #7

It was one of those paths I’d heard about, had seen before my very own eyes, but had never stepped foot on.
I suppose a part of me was scared.
You know; the unknown, the uncertainty, the possibilities of losing my footing. Things most people would avoid if given the choice.
But never the less, it called out to me. The peak at which would be reached almost looked down on me. 
So I braved it.
Once on the path there was only way to go; onwards and upwards. To turn back now would deem my attempt an outright failure. What would I say to people? “I got so far but my worrying mind prevented me from reaching the top”. 
To carry on and get to the end would clear my blurry vision. Just one foot in front of the other. 
The sheer drop to my right, a distant path I had walked too many times and could no longer relate to. 
The high rocks to my left, a hidden eventuality and a burning desire to get there.
There’s a section of wire along the way which makes my knees wobble, one wrong slip now and that’s it. The adrenaline surging through my veins makes me realise what I have been missing.  

No matter how many mountains I climb, my legs never cease to ache and my breath is always lost. But the obstacles along the way become enjoyable the more I do it. 
Because when I’m standing at the top, looking down at where I started, the ‘what ifs’ that seemed so important at the time have drifted away. In fact, I’m so content in that moment, that I crave more and more – the scary descent has suddenly become a wanted adventure.

At the end of the road I peered down at my watch. One and a half years had passed by, how so? 
It’s funny how quickly time can pass by when you’re too busy soaking in the finer details, enjoying every moment that comes your way. In fact, come to think of it, it was the first time I checked the time since I set out.

Everything that goes up must come down and for most this means back to where they started.
But I aim to hold on to that summit feeling – there are plenty more mountains to climb and I don’t intend on remaining down here on the ground for very long.
Do you?




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