7 very silly (but valid) reasons to go Cycle Touring

There are actually too many brilliant reasons to go on a cycle tour; the never ending sense of freedom, unlimited thinking time and a perfect pace to absorb everything around – just to name a few that are key. But I thought I would highlight some of the most fun which bring me joy each and every day on the open road as I pedalled my way around Iceland.



You can sing at the top of your lungs without a care in the world.

Most of the time no one is around to hear you, but if you happen to miss that pesky hiker in the bushes, no worries – you’ll never see them again anyway!


Showering frequently becomes a thing of the past.

I speak as a lone cyclist who has nobody to impress but it is surprising how long you can cope without a shower. Just remember: when entering a public place keep your arms tightly to your sides and sit in the furthest corner out of sight. Oh and avoid all mirrors where possible.


Talking to yourself becomes a normality.

In fact it’s a bit weird if you go an entire day without doing so. No longer should you feel as though your mind is lost; embrace it, keep yourself company and amuse yourself with spoken thoughts.


Time is no longer of importance.

And neither is the day for that matter. As long as there’s enough food in your bag and the weather is kind all you have to do is pedal until it gets dark (or not as the case is in Iceland!)


You soon find a way of making friends with inanimate objects.

Number one of course being the steed that carries you! It’s good morning Charlie, stop trying to fall over Charlie, thank you for not puncturing on that risky road I just took, Charlie. Similar conversations can be had with the sun, the wind, chocolate and a comfy seat.


You very quickly learn how not to spend money.

£2 (or equivalent) can go a long way – buy a coffee and pretend to take at least 2hrs to drink it whilst you charge your phone, rinse the free internet and brush your teeth in the toilet (not literally). Don’t forget to swap a proper meal for instant noodles and exchange campsites for going wild.


You can eat what you want, when you want and as much as you want!

Possibly the best reason in this list. Any feeling of guilt gets blown away in the wind as you allow treats every 20km because you are doing such a good job – go you! As for weight gain? Pah, you’ll have to try very very hard for that to happen.


Fellow cycle tourers, do you have any very silly (but valid) reasons to go cycle touring that you would add to the list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  1. There’s a soul-healing side of riding that too few people talks about.

    While a motorbike trip is different than doing it on a bicycle, both have a common link in the fact that you are kind of forced to think, talk and care only for yourself and the wind.

    Remember how Bon Jovi was the biggest star on the planet and then began to dissappear from the radio charts? He went into a terrible depression trying to figure out what to do with his career and life. Alex Lifeson, drummer for Rush, also went nuts after losing his entire family after a car accident.

    Both decided to get away from everything by riding their (motor)bikes into the sunset. And after numerous weeks on the road, they somehow got into an state of calmness that made them easier to think about their lives, their achievements, their pains, and how to focus into what is really important in life.

    Bon Jovi realized he already had more than enough money and fame to do whatever he wanted, and embraced his new place in the music business to write more mature songs and explore other artistic options while focusing on spending more quality time with his family. And Alex Lifeson learned how to live with his tragic loss; took drumming lessons, returned to the band and even found not only a new love but he became a father again!

    Too many people struggle with meditation because it’s very hard not to keep thinking about everything when doing nothing. Bike touring on your own gets you exposed to the elements, forcing you to see your real size against Mother Nature; and lets your mind explore all those nagging thoughts that are so easy to ignore when living the daily routine. That is the healing power bike touring experience has to offer: the power to find real freedom from within yourself.

    1. Hi Alexander – beautiful and very true comment, thank you. Cycle touring really does allow the mind to wander to places that usually aren’t visited in day to day life.

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