How to say YES to every opportunity

Focus on those individuals that inspire you.

Everyone has a friend who has done something jaw-dropping and inspiring. Perhaps they completed a triathlon, road tripped around Australia, quit their job and moved abroad or did something amazing for charity. Whatever it was, I’m sure it took a lot of guts and determination and caused them to stop and think at times “what the hell am I doing?!”
When you are approached with a new opportunity that has you in doubt, think about these people and use their energy to push you towards a great achievement, whatever it may be!
For me I have two friends in-particular that have inspired some of my decisions. My good friend Greg – he lost 10st in a year and successfully completed the Welsh Iron Man in under 15 hours. Incredible. And my crazy friend Cam – after pushing to complete his degree (and achieving a First, I might add) he hopped on his bike and cycle toured all the way to the Italian Dolomites in 3 weeks. Wowee.

To inspire you just that bit more into saying YES, have a look at Alastair Humphrey’s website and get involved in a ‘MICROADVENTURE’ to get the ball rolling – you won’t regret it.


Don’t think too much about the outcome.

It is so easy to worry about what might happen. But why do we worry that it is going to be a negative outcome? So many positive things can happen from jumping into a new situation, even if it seems terrifying at the start. All you have to do is go for it and enjoy it for what it is; no one (not yourself or those around you) can truly predict the the outcome but if you go into something whole-heartedly you are sure to get something out of it, whether that is positive or negative, you will learn from it and it will help to guide your future decisions. 


What if? Consequences of saying NO.

You will miss out on so much (depending on the situation of course): meeting new people, learning things about yourself, discovering new interests, trying new foods, creating laughable memories, scaring yourself.. the list goes on.
A life should be lived with no regrets but if you constantly say no because you’re afraid, you may find you start resenting both yourself and others because of your choices. Say no to a conventional life of routine that society deems acceptable!


The possibilities are endless.

One opportunity usually always leads on to another. The next opportunity? Well you won’t know until you say yes to the one that is currently staring you in the face, but probably something you have not yet thought of.
When I took on the role as photographer/blogger as part of my job in Italy, I had no idea at the time that it would lead me to work in Andalucia and Northern Spain, that some of my photo’s would be included in a book or that I would be given the opportunity to learn to ski as part of my job. The interest in one company in my work has given me the confidence to approach several others in an attempt to continue doing what I love best in life.


Don’t fret about the future.

Too many opportunities are turned down because of the effect it may have on the future.
If I say yes to travelling for a few months without earning, how will this effect my savings? What about my pension? What if I can’t find a ‘proper’ job once the travelling is over? WHO CARES; you might not live long enough to find out. And if you do, do you really want to be sat on your death bed saying “I wish I had done that”.
Things always have a way of working out.


When life gives you oranges, pick them and eat them


  1. Hey Kelly,

    How are you? I have been reading through a few of your blog posts today and last night and am really enjoying them all. This one particularly caught my eye. I often lack motivation and after having five different (and equally shit) jobs in 2015 I was really getting despondent with my achievements and progress (or lack of). So after months of visiting and revisiting skysanner, I eventually built up the courage to book a flight to Kathmandu. The trip has been on the cards for about 12 months, but due to one thing or another, usually the worry of money, I put off booking it. Now that its done (I fly out on Feb 22nd and return on March 25th) I have to say I feel a lot better. The irrational worry of making a dent in my savings is slowly dissipating (what was the point in those shit jobs if I never spend the money I saved!?) and even though I’ll be returning to Cornwall with no job and no plan, I’m even feeling more positive about my prospects on my return. I somehow have a new sense of determination and motivation. I also must say that you are definitely someone I look to for inspiration, reading your blogs makes me ask ‘Why not!?’ when I’m toying with an idea or opportunity, so thank-you for that!

    Hope all is well and we’ll have a chance to catch up soon,


    1. Hey Nia, gosh what a lovely comment to receive from you! Sorry for taking ages to get back to you. Your upcoming trip to Kathmandu is very exciting, and one that I am in awe of. Nice work for going ahead and booking it – I find once the initial step is taken, the rest just kind of falls in to place.. mostly because it has to! You’re right about spending the money. I think far too many people focus so hard on saving as much as possible that they lose sight as to why they were saving it in the first place – surely to spend it on something you want and are passionate about. I’ve no doubt that such a spiritual place will help you figure out what comes next but until then, enjoy the ride. Please also keep up with your wonderful blog, I absolutely love taking the time to look at your photographs. Oh and if you ever fancy checking out China, you’re always welcome to come and stay 🙂 Keep in touch x

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