It’s time to stop existing, and start living

Today at work the big boss walked in to find me and a colleague chatting. His face turned stern and he mimicked my posture and ‘joked’ that all we do is natter. As my colleague went on to mention “she’s leaving us this week to go to Iceland”, the big man interrupted and said
“I know! She gets to go off and live the life of luxury”. This got my back up and in defence I replied:
“Yes that’s right, I’ll be living” which caused him to burst out into incomprehensible laughter.
I smiled politely and walked out of the room.

His reaction to the whole episode – enforcing guilt, uneasiness and the inability to relate to his staff (or show interest in anything outside of the workplace) – stopped dead any (minute) feeling of sadness I might have had about leaving this job behind.
It has been apparent to me, these past 6 months, that our society has made it very easy to just exist. Unfortunately my current place of work is a prime example in that it will happily offer extra hours that will have you spending 6 days a week staring at the four walls. And why? Because there is always money to be made. This would be nice to spend on things you enjoy of course, if only you had the energy for such things on your day(s) off.

Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy your job and get paid to do it; fine. For those that don’t, I’ve found myself questioning this entire year so far as to why people put themselves through it.
We only get one life and as it is so frequently pointed out – time really does fly by. All I know is that I will be the one laughing when I walk out of those doors on Sunday never to return. Perhaps I will find answers to my questions as I cycle solo through the open barren lands of Iceland, perhaps not. All I know is that I’ve tasted the flavours of existence and they do not agree with me.


Why settle for a chicken coup when you can fly like an eagle?



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