My 10 weeks inZimbabwewith ICS

In January 2013, I was lucky enough to get a volunteer placement with International Citizen Service (ICS) to help alongside the Basilwizi trust.
During this 10 week placement, I spent my time in Binga, Zimbabwe (an extremely rural town situated next to lake Kariba) working alongside local volunteers to exchange skills, involve the local community and to teach youths about HIV/AIDS. I was also lucky enough to be given the role of photographer and blogger during my time there. This is where my love for writing developed and since then I have continued to blog for Collett’s Mountain Holidays in the stunning Italian Dolomites.

Below are the blogs I wrote during my time there:

Cultural Exchange

AIDS FREE Generation

Pied Piper in Binga?

Tyunga: Leaving a much needed mark

World AIDS day: Getting to zero



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